Arship Rescue

We solve the biggest problem in international disaster relief: logistics

Natural disasters, famines, earthquakes, maritime disasters or floods – the challenges are always the same: many people must be helped quickly and simultaneously.

With the most modern airships in the world, we are capable of drastically reducing the amount of time between the alarm and the arrival of the first, large-scale supply of aid, and to deliver aid supplies exactly where it is needed without the need to waste time unloading and reloading. Transportation of 500 tons of aid supplies from Germany to Nepal in fewer than 48 hours could have been possible. In other words, larger quantities and above all, delivered much more quickly than anyone else can manage.

Because time is a matter of life or death!

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Our Airships in Action

See for yourself how easily many tons of aid supplies can reach an area of destroyed infrastructure with our rescue airships – even during gale-force winds (up to Beaufort Scale 9)! Even providing care and supplies to people on an island off the coast is no longer a problem.


The video was created free of charge by:
Badertec Systems GmbH

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At the international trade fair AIDex in Brussels, we received 3 transport enquiries with a value of over 1 million Euros. We expect even more enquiries in the future.
Our planned marketing strategies are cost-intensive but urgently needed to acquire strong partnerships and supporters.

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